Sunday, April 19, 2015

The link to collaborative teaching

In the world of technology, we have an opportunity to build bridges with teachers all over the country. The research on today's classroom, new teaching methods, room design, and theory exploration is present in the world wide web. The introduction to this blog will be a way in which we, as educators, can work together to share what we have learned throughout our experiences. A chance to comment, explore, and build upon the lesson's of our peers in a true effort to offer the best, well-rounded education possible.

To start here are four amazing educator websites already in action:

This educator's blog has many ideas to share in regard to outdoor play, ideas for all kinds of weather, unique perspective on "making" new toys, using what we have to make the best out of everything, and creating space to embrace the whole child in a learning environment that promotes imagination, creativity, group play, quiet time, and individuality.

This blog is useful as it explores the inner workings of being a teacher. There are topics to discuss such as the classroom dojo ( a new online program for parents, children, and teachers to participate with), the feelings of change in education, as well as personal dialogue written by a person with years of teaching. I have included this blog as a reference point for educators, because there will be a need for peer discussions, especially during the times of struggle or adjusting to the classroom dynamic.

The resources on this site are never-ending, from teacher conversations to the latest print-outs this is a website to both gain ideas for the classroom in addition to learning about other resources available. The design is aesthetically pleasing and organized, which makes going through every page an enjoyable process. It is clear that the creator of this blog has been teaching for a long time, her resources are valuable, and this is a great place to come for curriculum extensions. 

Love this site there are so many ideas for time management, volunteer baskets, and so many resources for teachers. This blog shares true classroom experiences, the benefits of having a "voice saver" which this particular teacher had for one year and noticed a major difference in how the students listened when her voice was amplified. The teacher also has links to printable materials and time saving techniques for when the year feels like it is moving by too fast. The design and style of this classroom was fantastic, an easy site to get lost in for hours.